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Lightware – Taurus TPX

The USB-C Extension of the Future:
Here’s the new Taurus TPX

The next generation of Unified Communications Rooms

As USB-C technology becomes the primary standard for meeting room connectivity, USB-C extension is the next challenge on the horizon. Lightware’s pioneering engineers recently developed a two-box, Taurus TPX (transmitter/receiver) variant of the widely popular Taurus UCX platform.

Extend Video Connectivity

seamless integration of USB 2.0 (High-speed 480Mbps) and HDMI 2.0 4K@60Hz 4:4:4 signals over distances of up to 100 meters


Connectivity for multiple USB hosts

connect up to 8 peripherals and switch between different host devices (camera, speakerphone, touch monitor, etc.)

BYOM Compatibility in Larger Spaces

USB-C connectivity for audio, video, control, data and charging laptop or mobile up to 100W



Easy Cabling and Cost-Saving

remote powering the RX unit over a single CAT cable, no additional power outlet and adapter needed

Unrivalled Solution for Medium and Large Meeting Rooms

The transmitter and receiver are seamlessly connected using a single CAT cable, utilizing the SDVoE signal to establish a smooth transition between the two.

These market-leading devices allow users to extend USB-C signals over longer distances (up to 100 m), empowering system architects with more flexibility for designing medium or large size meeting rooms.

Learn More About Taurus TPX & Watch Our Video

Beyond bridging longer distances, our universal switcher transmitter transcends traditional limitations in signal management and connectivity. By incorporating advanced technology, the Taurus TPX forms a transmitter-receiver configuration with the functionality of the UCX product range.

It liberates users from the constraints of USB and HDMI cables, providing seamless integration of diverse multimedia signals over distances of up to 100 meters, while working in a point-to-point arrangement.

This revolutionary ProAV device offers bridging capabilities for longer distances, allowing for the extension of video, audio, and control signals in one direction, whilesimultaneously enabling the transmission of USB 2.0 data in the other direction.

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