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Artimo – Ross Video

Creativity Without Compromise


Artimo redefines the possibilities in broadcast production by blending cutting-edge robotics with the elegance of free-flowing motion to captivate your audience with every frame, showcasing the essence of Art in Motion.

Elevate Every Broadcast

Artimo is a revolutionary full-motion camera robotics system that can produce breathtaking beauty shots while carrying a complete broadcast payload.  

This innovative system is meticulously engineered to move smoothly across virtually any studio floor. It can extend from the lowest floor angle to above your head, enabling sweeping, dynamic shots and eliminating the need for additional dollies and jibs.  


Why Choose Artimo?

Artistic Freedom

Artimo combines the flexibility of a free-roaming pedestal with the fluidity of a dolly or jib, enabling the capture of accurate and dynamic shots.

More Creative Control

Artimo uses the latest technology to eliminate the constraints of traditional XY pedestals: targeting, floor sensitivity, and collisions. 

Artimo base

Unparalleled Smoothness

Artimo’s suspension system ensures seamless movement without the need for a perfectly smooth and flat floor, enabling a wide range of flooring choices.

Beautifully designed

Artimo’s sleek design and internal cable management system enhance its on-camera appeal, seamlessly integrating the whole studio into the narrative.

Artimo in studio

Fully Loaded

Artimo has the power and stability to support a full payload, including typical broadcast cameras, lenses, teleprompters and talent monitors.

Less Downtime

Artimo comes with a built-in touchscreen display, tally lights, and monitor brackets to simplify setup and eliminate clumsy bolt–on accessories.

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