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Building a Reliable Foundation for Your Technology Infrastructure

In todays fast-paced business climate, the stability of technology infrastructure is critical. Downtime
and inefficiencies can result in considerable hidden costs, hurting productivity and profitability. This
article will look at the necessity of reliability in technology infrastructure, present the concept of
Assurance as a foundational service, and discuss the benefits of Managed Services, which will now
be highlighted in our monthly newsletter.

The Importance of Reliability in Technology Infrastructure

Reliability in technology infrastructure is a necessity, not a luxury. The hidden costs associated with
downtime and inefficiencies might be enormous. According to industry research, IT downtime costs
firms an average of £4,300 each minute, or more than £250,000 per hour. These expenses are the
result of lost production, missed opportunity, and reputational damage.
Moreover, inefficiencies within the system can slow down operations, create bottlenecks, and lead to
frustration among employees. This can have a ripple effect, affecting everything from customer
service to innovation. Ensuring that your technology infrastructure is robust and reliable is crucial for
maintaining smooth operations and achieving business objectives.

Service Highlight: Introduction to Assurance

The concept of Assurance is important to a reliable technology infrastructure. Assurance is more than
a service; it is a commitment to keeping your technology functioning and efficient. Our Assurance
service is designed to provide ongoing support and maintenance, ensuring that your systems are
constantly operational.

Key Benefits of Assurance:

Improved System Reliability: Our Assurance service proactively detects and resolves potential issues, minimising future downtime.

  • 24/7 Help Desk Support: With an initial response time of less than 15 minutes, our help desk is always ready to address any product failures.
  • Integrated IT Service Management (ITSM): Seamless integration with ITSM ensures.consistent and comprehensive support.


Key Benefits of Adopt

Diversified’s Adopt® service offers remote or on-site dedicated technical experts, when and where you need them, available to supplement your team, drive technology adoption, generate business metrics, and deliver an enhanced user experience.

  • Hiring: Less Time Spent on Recruitment, Diversified Oversees Identification, interviewing, background checks, and initial onboarding
  • Training: Client cultural adaptation, employee/staff integration, and employee expectations
  • Associate Management: Administration, professional development, incentives, and assessment
  • Lower Operation Cost:

Benefit costs and tax burdens belong to Diversified

Diversified manages all risks associated with employee retention

  • Empowerment of Existing Associates to Embrace New Technologies:

Just-in-time learning can occur individually

Empowerment materials created for specific use cases and user groups

Reports demonstrate ROI – enhanced efficiencies, productivity, and user confidence.


Modern technology solutions are complicated, covering a diverse set of applications and systems.
Audio-visual systems and digital signs, as well as media and unified communication, require specialist
help more than ever before. Assurance provides access to a global network of expert technicians and
support agents that can effectively handle these complications

Are you ready to build a reliable foundation for your business? Contact us today to learn more about
how our Assurance service can support your technology needs. Stay tuned for next month’s topic,
where we will explore the latest trends in digital transformation and how they can benefit your

For more detailed information about our services, you can access our comprehensive guides here:

Adopt Service Overview
Assurance Service Overview

By integrating Assurance and ADOPT services into your operations, you can significantly enhance the
reliability and efficiency of your technology infrastructure, ensuring sustained business growth and

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