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Bosch Mobile Access

The smart addition to your access control solution

The integration of Bosch’s Mobile Access solution streamlines and modernizes your access control system. It allows you to pre-assign access rights to your visitors, guests, employees, or service providers, enhancing security using a device we always carry with us – our smartphone.

Advantages of mobile access control

Easy to use, comfortable and innovative solution

Mobile Access can be integrated into your access control system to supplement or replace physical cards. The need for manual issuance and return of physical credentials is eliminated with Bosch Mobile Access, reducing the hassle and effort associated with lost, damaged, or stolen access control cards. Sending the appropriate credentials is done in just a few clicks.

Advanced security with state-of-the-art encryption

Bosch’s mobile access control provides an even higher level of security than most physical access cards, ensuring that only individuals with valid mobile credentials can access designated areas in a building. Additionally, it offers an economical way to enhance security using a smartphone’s pin code or biometric options, such as face recognition or fingerprints, enabling two-factor authentication.

Data privacy guaranteed, biometric data on user’s smartphone

Credentials can be efficiently managed through the visitor or access management system. All sensitive information is securely stored within the access control system on site. The biometric data used for two-factor authentication is kept on the end user’s mobile device, rather than in the access management database or reader, hence guaranteeing the user’s data privacy protection.

How does mobile access control work?

Mobile Access facilitates the use of the smartphone as a digital access medium to replace the classic access card or to be used as an alternative form of identification.

  • You can use your smartphone instead of a physical card to request access
  • You assign all mobile access rights centrally in your access solution
  • You can transmit access credentials via e-mail or QR code
  • You record all access events securely and centrally in your access control solution on premise

Mobile Access can be fully integrated into your current Bosch access control system, enhancing its capabilities and providing added benefits. With its compatibility and ease of integration, Mobile Access offers a smooth transition to a modernized access control setup. Mobile Access works together with our premium access control readers, equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). A dedicated installation app, supporting both iOS and Android, is used to set up the mobile access control system.

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