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Increasing the efficiency of meeting rooms

More and more organisations are accepting new styles of working and this is changing the function of offices. Employees want to work together and meet guests instead of only just coming to work.

But creating more meeting rooms and fewer workplaces is not enough. Day-to-day reality is: searches for a room or workplace, disruptions during a meeting or while working, untraceable colleagues and visitors who have to wait at the reception. This ensures reduced productivity.

Today employees want to organise a meeting independently, reserve a room or workplace directly and send invitations easily. They want the optimal availability of flexible workplaces and dislike claiming desks. Their guests don’t have to wait too long and must be at their destination quickly.

GoBright meets these needs.

We are creating availability and support employees with three accessible concepts for Meet, Work and Visit Management. So that they are able to do their work smartly, pleasantly and efficiently. We are giving organisations the opportunity to develop new ways of working and save costs and energy.

Because, if employees can create availability very easily, they will use these solutions automatically.

Technology makes it possible, GoBright makes it available


Relaxed and worry-free meeting with GoBright room booking.

Check the availability of meeting rooms and book your room within seconds. Use the GoBright solutions to make a booking anytime, anywhere.

  • Be assured of a room that suits your needs.
  • Avoid double bookings and unnecessary empty meeting rooms.
  • Manage room occupancy and save time, money and space.

Complete room booking software with optional additions like WayfindingRoom ControlMapping and Room Sensors.

What to expect from GoBright Room Booking

Easily find and book the right room with the capacity to fit all your attendees and all the equipment you need.

Save time & effort
Say goodbye to double bookings, no-shows and interruptions during meetings. Say hi to increased productivity and efficiency.

Easy Room scheduling
‘Grab’ a room spontaneously or find and book a room in advance with the GoBright Portal, the App or Outlook Plugin. As it suits your needs.

Catering & other services
Book a room, catering and other (facility) services at the same time. Is the meeting rescheduled? Booked catering & services change along automatically.

Clear analytics
100% reliable data analysis of your room occupancy. Manage your rooms efficiently and empower facility managers to make the right interpretations of the use of assets.

Various Integrations
GoBright Room Booking connects with Exchange, Outlook, Office 365, Google Workspace, Active Directory and FMIS-systems.


Take flexible working to the next level with our desk booking software.

Check the occupation status of workplaces and book your desk within seconds. Use the smart app or online portal to make a booking in the desk booking system. Anytime, anywhere, anyplace. Check in / out at your desk and pre-set your personal preferences.

  • Be assured of a desk that suits your needs.
  • Find a colleague and book a workspace nearby.
  • Manage desk occupancy; save money and space.

Complete desk booking software with optional additions such as unique hardwareMappingdesk sensors and Locker integration.

What to expect from GoBright Desk Booking

With modern ways of working such as activity-based or open-spaced working, flexible desk use automatically comes into play. GoBright desk booking software facilitates these ways of agile working.

Online desk selection
Book a desk online, or via app, so you’re sure of having a place to work. No more endless searching for a desk.

Visible occupation
Check the status of a desk as you enter the office with Mapping, Connect and Glow.

Stimulating hot desking
Thanks to our advanced desk sharing tool, a desk can be occupied by several colleagues in one day.

Clear analytics
Manage your office space efficiently and empower facility managers to make the right interpretations of the use of assets.

Customer specific solution
Scalable and suitable for every company. Want the full package, or just a few elements? Together we find the right answers.


A professional and warm welcome for all your visitors.

Whether you have a busy reception area, or an unmanned lobby, with GoBright Visit your guests are welcomed immediately.

  • Accelerate the flow of people at the counter.
  • Shorten the waiting time.
  • Stimulate a punctual appearance.

Complete visitor registration software with amazing features such as pre-registrationscustom made design and optional badge printing.

What to expect from GoBright Visitor Registration

GoBright Visit is a digital visitor registration and check in solution that allows pre-registrations as well as visitor self- registrations. Use one or more Visit screens in your reception area, depending on the number of visitors you welcome each day.

GDPR proof
No more registration lists lying around at the reception desk. All data is securely stored in the Portal, according to the GDPR legislation of the EU.

Instant Notification
Employees receive SMS / email when their guests check in. No more searching for colleagues and trying to call them. Shorter waiting time for guests.

Realtime Overview
Accurate visitor overview at any time of the day.

Intuitive and Plug and Play
In just a few clicks a professional and pleasant welcome for your visitors.

Various Integrations
GoBright Room Booking connects with Exchange, Outlook, Office 365, Google Workspace, Active Directory and FMIS-systems.

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