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Jabra launched PanaCast 50 Video Bar System

Introducing the new Jabra PanaCast 50 Video Bar System

      • The multi-award-winning PanaCast 50 is now available as an all-in-one video bar room system with intelligent AI experiences and an onboard Android compute for an engaging and easy-to-use meeting room solution.
      • It offers full suite of flexible, scalable deployment options with a one-touch start/join controller, offering a collaboration experience on native UC applications like Microsoft Teams Rooms and Zoom Rooms
      • You get all the features and functional capabilities of the Jabra PanaCast 50, including the Panoramic-4K 180-degree field of view, Virtual Director, Intelligent Zoom and Dynamic Composition.

Imagine meetings that started smoothly and kept everyone engaged from the word go. Now stop imagining it and start believing it, because that’s exactly what PanaCast 50 Video Bar System is designed to do.

      • The PanaCast 50 Video Bar System was built for inclusion. Jabra have gone all-in to make sure their video keeps everyone in the frame. Three 13-megapixel cameras, mounted in a high-precision multi-camera array, cover every part of the room so you can get the most out of your meeting spaces and no one falls off the end of the screen.
      • Their crisp, high-definition, patented real-time video stitching technology uses advanced algorithms to pinpoint the best way to live-stitch the three streams together as the meeting’s happening, creating a smooth, zero-latency 180° field of view in distortion-free Panoramic-4K.

World leading audio

      • It adapts to whatever space you’re in, using four powerful speakers in a zero-vibration stereo setup to flood the room with premium high-definition sound. That means even those sat all the way at the back will still know exactly what’s going on. And remote participants will hear things perfectly too.

PanaCast 50 Video Bar System

Future ready

      • Seven powerful Edge processors and 3 intelligent Edge AI processors perform real-time integration of audio, video, and data, to give your experience a serious upgrade, while on-device encryption, wired ethernet, and ready-for-WiFi connection options ensure your networks and data stay ultra-secure.
      • And it will only get better; Jabra’s unique adaptable flexible architecture means PanaCast 50 Video Bar System keeps reinventing itself, with future-ready feature updates and security protections that can be easily accessed using your platform device manager.


One touch is all it takes

      • The sleek, minimal design of the PanaCast Control has a PIR motion sensor to automatically wake up the system as soon as someone enters the room for instant meeting readiness. Your teams can control all of these features with the touchscreen tablet or the web console, taking advantage of the ultra-fast connection its chipset. technology delivers to directly join, share content, and end meetings with one quick tap.


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