Managed Services

Meet the EMEA Managed Services Team

Our devoted team is here to guide you once the installation project is complete. They are experts in the upkeep and continuous support of your audiovisual equipment. Get to know the group in charge of your technological well-being: 


Alannah-Jade Manley, Service Delivery Supervisor EMEA, manages the day-to-day excellence of our service operations, ensuring every client receives unparalleled support.

Georgina Austin-Smith, Service Sales Director EMEA, leads our mission to align our service solutions closely with the evolving requirements of our clients, fostering growth and innovation. 

Lisa Clements, Manager, Service Pre-sales, Transition & Renewals, navigates the intricacies of service provision, from initial engagement through to renewal, ensuring a seamless and satisfying client journey. 

Matt Cobbett, Service Delivery Director EMEA, oversees the impeccable delivery of our services, guaranteeing that client expectations are not just met but surpassed. 

Rob Learmonth, Senior Director of Service Development EMEA, crafts our strategic approach to service development, ensuring our offerings are always at the forefront of industry standards. 

At Diversified, we pride ourselves on not just delivering cutting-edge technology solutions but ensuring they continue to serve our clients long after initial deployment. Our Managed Services division is the foundation of our commitment to providing enduring, reliable support for every aspect your AV needs. With a significant investment in this essential service area, our ambition is crystal clear: to be your all-encompassing partner for AV maintenance, from on-site support and remote monitoring to Meeting Room as a Service, covering both workplace environments and the media sectors. Our expertise spans an array of AV applications, ensuring your technology remains optimal from huddle spaces to stadiums.

Our focus is squarely on the maintenance and support phase – what we refer to as ‘day 2 services’. This team is your assurance that the technology solutions we provide will continue to function flawlessly and evolve with your needs, long after the initial project phase is complete. Each month, we’ll shine a spotlight on different facets of our service offerings, demonstrating our comprehensive capabilities and our commitment to your ongoing success. 

Join us over the coming months as we explore the depth and breadth of our managed services, where our dedication to maintenance and support ensures your technology not only meets the demands of today but is primed for the opportunities of tomorrow.

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