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Neat Board 50

Designed for the flexible future of work, Neat Board 50 swiftly adapts to you whenever, wherever and in whatever way you need to meet or express your ideas.

Unique Adaptability

Wheel it from space to space. Draw it towards you. Move its inviting 50-inch touchscreen up or down. Neat Board 50 allows you to interact and collaborate smoothly and efficiently. Always within reach, it effortlessly responds to you in a way that feels just right.


Endless possibilities.

Set up Neat Board 50 to run Microsoft Teams or Zoom Rooms or dive into your favorite apps for super productive, next-level teamwork. However you choose to engage, Neat Board 50 lets you enjoy inspiring across-the-board collaboration like never before.

More on the mark.

Neat Board 50 comes with Neat Active Marker for the perfect amount of friction and immediate response to write, markup or sketch as you naturally would, helping infuse more personality into your creative workshops or presentations. No pairing or charging is required.

Power to your people.

Everything about Neat Board 50 is simple, yet it houses some seriously potent tech under its sleek exterior. Delivering exceptional power and performance, Neat Board 50 breathes new life into your video meetings by enabling conversations to flow naturally, even in the liveliest surroundings.

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