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Nureva HDL410



Pro audio performance in large spaces

  • Next-generation microphone pickup
  • Seamless integration with other products
  • Simple, wall-mounted installation
  • Tools to manage at scale

A revolution in pro audio

Getting pro audio performance in large spaces doesn’t need to be complicated (don’t let anyone tell you differently). The HDL410 offers advanced processing power and premium features for rooms up to 35′ x 55′ (10.7 x 16.8 m), without the cost and complexity of custom pro AV systems. It’s the next generation of audio – only available from Nureva.

The gift of simplicity

  • Powerful features

  • Simple setup

Microphone Mist technology

Powering the HDL410 system is patented Microphone Mist technology, the breakthrough that audio conferencing has been waiting for. It fills rooms with thousands of virtual microphones so people’s voices are picked up everywhere. And because the HDL410 has greater processing power and expanded memory, you unlock even more advanced audio capabilities within the technology.

Pro audio performance in large spaces | Nureva HDL410

The virtual mic difference

Full-room microphone pickup

With 16,384 virtual microphones all precisely targeted, voices are picked up everywhere. People can speak and act naturally and be confident they will be heard by those who are remote.

Intelligent Sound Targeting

HVAC and other unwanted sounds can seriously affect your audio. So instead of trying to suppress them after the fact, we use adaptive learning algorithms to preemptively ignore them.

Position-based gain control

We apply gain separately to each sound in a space based on its position. This lets us make specific optimizations that create a natural listening experience for remote participants – as if they were in the room.

Continuous autocalibration

With our technology, you never need to make manual adjustments when you reconfigure your space. The system is automatically and continuously adapting to changes in your room’s acoustic profile.

Simultaneous processing

Microphone Mist technology listens to, and processes, all virtual microphones simultaneously. Conversations sound natural even when more than one person is speaking at the same time.

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