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Q-SYS Network Video Endpoints

The Q-SYS NV Series NV-21-HU is the next evolution for native video distribution on the Q-SYS Platform.

The NV-21-HU is a software configurable endpoint offering a comprehensive single-cable solution for audio and video distribution, AV bridging and device charging via USB-C. The NV-21-HU’s compact size and reduced I/O make it ideal for supporting meeting rooms, learning spaces, hospitality and entertainment installations. The NV-21-HU can be used alongside other Q-SYS NV Series video endpoints, providing system design flexibility. Like all Q-SYS products, the NV-21-HU offers native integration and control, simplifying configuration and operation.

Features & Benefits

Single Cable Solution: The Q-SYS NV-21-HU simplifies the user experience and intuitively supports a wide range of devices. A single USB-C connection to the NV-21-HU enables a user’s device to distribute video formats up to 4K60 4:4:4 via Q-SYS Shift™ video codec, integrate Q-SYS video camera and audio feeds into a supported collaboration application1 and charge their device simultaneously2.

Maximize Flexibility in Design & Specification: The NV-21-HU is software-configurable as an encoder or decoder in Q-SYS Designer Software and offers the ability to operate in either HDMI or USB-C mode, supporting a broader range of user devices without adapters or converters. In addition, the NV-21-HU supports the AV Bridging feature license to function as an AV bridging endpoint when needed.

HDMI Mode: In HDMI mode, the NV-21-HU enables video distribution from the HDMI input and uses the USB-C connection to offer AV bridging and device charging.

USB-C Mode: In USB-C mode, the NV-21-HU enables video distribution, AV bridging and device charging via the USB-C connection.

Right-sized: The NV-21-HU provides designers with a more compact endpoint within the NV Series. The smaller design and reduced I/O (compared to the Q-SYS NV-32-H) enable simple and scalable designs across various applications, including meeting rooms, learning spaces, hospitality, and entertainment installations.

Designed for Q-SYS: Q-SYS NV Series Network Video endpoints are native to Q-SYS, which is powered by the Q-SYS OS; this software foundation manages NV Series endpoints and all other Q-SYS Products from a single application. The Q-SYS Platform’s modern IT architecture and development tools enable an entire ecosystem of third-party integrations developed by approved Q-SYS Partners and a worldwide community of developers using the available tools found in Q-SYS Open.


1. AV Bridging feature license is required to activate AV Bridging on the NV-21-HU.
2. An external power supply is required for any device charging over the USB-C connection. NV-21-PSU available separately.


Application Diagram

Small Meeting Room

Meeting Room

Lecture Theatre

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