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Relationship Buildings from Orangebox

As one of the UK’s leading office furniture manufacturers, continuous research and innovation is the beating heart of Orangebox. The valuable insight it provides ensures they are prescient about the evolving world of work.

Covid has fractured how we work, globally and at scale, making it clear that work is something we do, not a place we go to. The changed priorities and lessons learned over the last two years will lead to the workplace changing more dramatically now than at any point in the last twenty-five years.

Led by Nathan Hurley, Head of Research & Insight, Orangebox have published a guide to navigating, interpreting and re-imagining the changing landscape of the workplace. Relationship Buildings® looks at new social behaviours and how we can harness these changing default settings to create meaningful work settings.

Creating, and thinking in terms of, Relationship Buildings® rather than ‘office buildings’ is the best way to help clients meet the challenges of re-engaging and re-energising their organisations post-Covid. Relationship Buildings® reimagines our workspaces, drawing on not only the findings of their research, but also the experience Orangebox have gained over the last decade while contributing to leading-edge work environments.

Five key insights from Relationship Buildings®

  1. Why travelling 10 years in 10 months in regards to workplace culture has propelled us into a new paradigm for hybrid working.
  2. Exploring novelty and how seemingly small experiences form part of a rich tapestry we need for a healthy and productive life.
  3. Why it’s essential that Relationship Buildings play a restorative role for our stressed-out under-30’s.
  4. Why creating a human-centric learning hub will be a force majeure for the development of our younger people in the workplace.
  5. Understanding how data-driven design can be a transparent and trustworthy foundation for the design community to optimise a human-centred experience.


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