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Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling Solutions

Be heard in the room, everywhere.

TeamConnect Ceiling Solutions benefit from Trusted Sennheiser Audio Quality to offer audibly superior ceiling microphones for modern hybrid conferencing and presentations. The solutions are part of the Sennheiser TeamConnect Family and are designed for meeting rooms and lecture or collaboration spaces that are either mid-sized (TeamConnect Ceiling Medium) or large (TeamConnect Ceiling 2).











TeamConnect Ceiling Medium (TCC M)

With a coverage of up to 40 m², our ceiling microphone TeamConnect Ceiling Medium is the right choice for mid-sized meeting rooms and lecture or collaboration spaces. With this solution, Sennheiser pro-vides an additional design option to seamlessly include our audibly better ceiling microphone into your meeting room.

TeamConnect Ceiling 2 (TCC 2)

With a coverage of up to 80 m², there‘s still no better solution for larger mee-ting rooms and lecture or collaboration spaces than our industry-leading Team-Connect Ceiling 2 ceiling microphone. With its functional square form the TCC 2 gracefully integrates into the design of modern meeting rooms – simply by re-placing a ceiling tile.


Trusted Sennheiser Audio Quality

TeamConnect Ceiling Solutions employ patented automatic dynamic beamform…

Efficient Setup

Thanks to the three options for mounting the microphone – flush-mounted,…

Brand Agnostic Integration

The ceiling microphones can be easily used as an extension for any hybri…

Management & Control

The outstanding benefits of the

Sleek Design

With their shapes, mounting options, color variants and the option for c…

Real Problem Solver

The ceiling installation of TeamConnect Ceiling Solutions allows users t…


The Sennheiser control interface (SCC or SSC) is secured by encrypting c…

Sustainable Impact

For our packaging, we seek to avoid composite materials whenever possibl…



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