Shure MXA920 Ceiling Array Microphone

The MXA920 ceiling array microphone is easy to use and quick to deploy for AV conferencing, camera tracking, voice lift, or sound reinforcement, with next-generation array architecture for enhanced directional pickup and more natural speech.

Out of the box, the MXA920 covers up to a 30 by 30 foot seating area with no setup at all.

Certified for use with Microsoft Teams and compatible with popular collaboration tools.

How does it work?

– Drag and drop up to 8 adjustable coverage areas using built-in web interface.

– Capture simultaneous talkers in different areas at the same time  

– Steerable CoverageTMtechnology to place 8 pickup lobes with individual audio outputs

– Onboard IntelliMix DSP

Why it’s better

– Next generation array architecture for the most natural speech quality

– Precise coverage control provides exceptional isolation, guaranteeing the maximum sound level 

– Designer system configuration software helps you configure MXA920’s with other Microflex Ecosystem devices




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