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Riedel – Simplylive Production Suite

Welcome to the Simplylive Production Suite. Multi-camera production, re-imagined.

Simple.  Flexible.  Reliable.  Affordable.

The Simplylive Production Suite is a software-driven live production platform running on a common back end, using rock solid commodity hardware. It is connective to all of today’s video formats (SDI, NDI etc), and intrinsically migratable to the IP and cloud universe.

This highly modular solution lets you choose from a range of application layers, tuned to the tasks you need to do – from slow motion replay, master recording, streaming or referee review to an All-in-One production solution that gives you virtually everything you need to create a show. This platform is as flexible as you are: the Simplylive Production Suite lets you add personnel to cover large events — or shrink it to a one-operator show, if needed.

Live switching cameras and video sources, cueing and scrubbing slowmo replays, controlling audio, or adding graphics – using a single touchscreen interface.

Today’s new generation of producers understand the need to create more high-quality content for expanding niche markets, but with limited budgets. Whether for sports, news, or live talk programs, the Simplylive Production Suite is their platform of choice.


Complete, Flexible Production

ViBox All-In-One is the world’s most flexible total production tool for multi-camera programs of all sizes.

How flexible, you ask? Well, on Friday, you can produce a game with just one user controlling all the main elements of live production – live switching, graphics, slow motion replays, highlights and audio mixing – while on Sunday, you can use the same solution to produce larger games that need a multi-user workflow. The first operator can be switching the show on one touchscreen, another operator is running a ViBox SloMo application, and a 3rd UI also has SloMo running for a 2nd replay operator.

​In developing the Simplylive Production Suite user interface, we studied hundreds of live production workflows and run-downs to design a system that anyone can use. We made sure that all the tools you need to tell a great story are right where you need them to be.

​Flexible. Intuitive. All-In-One.



Revolutionary AI Driven Super Slow-Motion for Live Production, Post, and Archive

e-Slomo is a revolutionary software application that uses artificial intelligence to create super slow-motion sequences from standard camera footage. It’s the perfect tool to create emotive promos, openers and closers, or to give new life to your archived content – all at a fraction of the cost of dedicated high frame rate cameras.

e-Slomo software can be used both online and offline and can be installed on premise or in the cloud, making its deployment very flexible. The creation of e-Slomo clips is extremely fast, requiring only a couple of seconds of buffering time. Simply cue the start of your replay, send it to e-Slomo, and in moments your super slow-motion sequence will be ready for broadcast.

e-Slomo is fully compatible with our complete range of ViBox Replay and All-In-One Production solutions, and integrates seamlessly into any replay, studio, or post-production workflow. When combined with our UI Gateway, its user adjustable bandwidth of as little as 5 Mbps allows producers to create super slow-motion content from any remote location – even from home.

Features / Benefits

  • Users can create super slow-motion clips in various formats, including 720p, 1080i, 1080p – and play them instantly for live production
  • Leveraging the latest generation of Nvidia GPUs, the e-Slomo application allows you to create super slow-motion sequences faster than play time when deployed on multi-GPU platforms
  • As it is completely software and AI driven, its functionality will continually improve as its sports specific algorithms learn and GPU power increases
  • e-Slomo can be deployed on premises or in the cloud, and can be interfaced with your slomo servers, editing infrastructure, or archive
  • The application can be used in conjunction with ViBox SloMo to provide instant super slow-motion in your live environment


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