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Huddly L1 Camera

‘The Next-Generation Intelligent Camera has arrived’

The next-generation Huddly L1 camera optimises traditional Microsoft Teams meeting rooms and enhances the new Microsoft Teams front row layout.

Huddly L1 captures everyone in sharp detail with a 6K sensor and a fixed-focus lens. The camera intelligently frames participants and offers valuable insights with room analytics.


Why Huddly’s framing experiences are unique

Hybrid working can be challenging. Participants in the room have to split their attention between remote participants and those present in person, which creates an attention divide. And remote attendees often find it difficult to join in the conversation because they don’t feel like an equal part of the meeting.

Leveraging the latest advances in AI camera technology, Huddly’s intelligent cameras provide framing experiences that make it easy for everyone to connect with the other meeting participants and be a part of the conversation, no matter the size of the room.


For smaller spaces with few participants, Huddly has developed ‘Gallery View,’ an innovative new AI feature designed to put everyone on an equal footing by framing each person individually.

For medium and large spaces, there is ‘Speaker Framing’, a powerful experience designed to make meetings feel immersive and inclusive. In a static environment, such as video, it is hard to interpret non-verbal communication like gestures, body language, and facial expressions. Speaker Framing automatically captures these details, and while focusing on the person speaking, it also brings attention to reactions and events in the room.

As the Microsoft Teams platform continues to evolve its ability to deliver better hybrid conferencing experiences, Huddly’s technology will continue to develop alongside the platform to enhance these experiences based on the size and layout of the meeting space being used. This will include the ability to deploy multiple cameras in the largest spaces to include all meeting room participants in a hybrid call equitably.

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