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TDS The Importance of End-to-End Visitor Management

In the past, visitor management consisted of guests signing their names manually on physical paper logs.

This outdated approach was inconvenient and safe has now progressed to a safer, digital system that has created endless, future-proof features that paper logs could never have imagined.

Our global enterprise solution provides real-time accountability and visitor insights, integrating seamlessly into your existing workplace applications to provide a truly innovative, digital visitor experience.

Here are the 3 key features to ensure your facility achieves future-proof Digital Visitor Management:

  1. Provide an Optimised Experience with the Self-Service Visitor Check-In Kiosk

Providing your visitors, contractors and VIP guests with an enhanced, streamlined and contactless check-in experience with our powerful and robust TDS Visitor kiosk models. TDS has developed a fully contactless check-in process, which combines the standard TDS Kiosk, a mobile check-in platform and geolocation technology.

QR Codes and Digital Badges

QR codes have been enhanced creating ease-of-use for users of many apps – but more importantly now, contactless visitor check-in. The Visitor experience has now been enhanced with the versatility of QR codes to change workplace management practices. Users can avail of contactless check-in by scanning the QR code located on the kiosk in the lobby on their arrival. This will then prompt them to complete the check-in process on their personal device.

After successfully checking in via the TDS Visitor capture kiosk and the visitor has been approved by the host, a digital pass is printed. With details including, the visitor’s name, date of visit, and the host responsible, as well as their ID picture.

Mobile Checking and Pre-Registering Guests

TDS Visitor uses mobile devices to spot-check visitors’ credentials via Mobile Image Point and facilitates on-site/off-site confirmation.

For organisations that regularly host events and conferences on-site, the pre-booking feature allows visitors and guests to pre-register their attendance before arriving. This effectively reduces their check-in time from a 1-2 minute process down to a couple of seconds.

Speeding up the Contactless Check-In Process with Visitor Pre-Registration

When a visitor has been pre-registered, they receive an email invitation, providing them with full details on their upcoming scheduled visit. The visitor invitation includes office location, hostname, and details on how to successfully check in on arrival.


  1. Extensive Integrations into Existing Access Control Systems

TDS Visitor has the capability to seamlessly integrate into your workplace applications including your already existing access control provider across multiple locations.

This integration becomes necessary when visitors & contractors are allowed free access to a facility and are not always escorted by a host. A solution is to integrate an organisation’s visitor management system with its access control system, allowing the two systems to work together to grant entry to authorised personnel.

Gone are the days of sending on-site guests to the security office for access credentials. Now, the process is fully streamlined for everyone involved. Visitors and contractors can be granted access directly from the visitor management system. An access card, in the form of a visitor’s badge, is activated in the access system using the information entered into the visitor software.

All systems need to communicate with each other smoothly to help teams perform their tasks well and intuitively. TDS has a range of access control integrations such as Software House, Genetec, Lenel and Honeywell amongst others which offers a wide range of scalable and intelligent modules to provide a fully integrated solution for management of all staff, visitors and contractors to improve the overall security and operations of any facility.


  1. Detailed Reporting & Real-Time Insights Enabling Full On-Site Visibility

Deep real-time insights and graphical reporting into on-site visits across multiple locations from one single location meaning users can identify trends per visitor, visit type, host and/or location.

Visitor data needs to be accessible, reported and protected for successful business continuity and due diligence in risk management, there is much emphasis on the need to easily report on visitor data. In fact, many organisations must now retain copies of their visitor health screenings for specific periods of time in case of contact tracing incidents.


This is where integrations between access control and visitor management can alleviate time constraints when every minute counts in containing a possible outbreak. By standardising the way you collect and detail your visitor information, you can use it to take pre-emptive action and quickly communicate with your visitors. This is an especially important action to take now as we continue to navigate regular business during a global pandemic.

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