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Introducing the new Windows Collaboration Display –
Sharp/NEC’s MultiSync® WD551 supporting maximum flexibility in hybrid working practices

For frictionless meeting experiences, with instant access whether in-room or remote, Sharp/NEC’s Windows Collaboration Display MultiSync® WD551 is an all-in-one smart solution for modern meeting spaces.

Supporting “Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM)” scenarios, users simply connect their own device via the secure USB-C cable to immediately share content and start video meetings using already familiar Microsoft tools, such as Office 365 and Microsoft Teams.

With integrated IoT sensors, the WD551 gathers telemetry from its environment such as room occupancy, temperature, ambient light and air quality data, which supports smart building strategies.

BYOM – Bring your own Meeting

BYOMThe WD551 offers a simple, unified solution for instant meeting start-up using any device.

A single secure USB-C cable connects your device with the display to share content or start a video meeting.

This allows immediate control of the camera, speaker, mic, touch and pen, as well as powering your notebook.

Two 65W USB-C inputs enable seamless switching between two users while both connected devices receive power.

Use your Familiar Tools

FamiliarToolsFor users already fluent using Microsoft tools such as Office 365 or Teams, it’s an easy transition to interact on the big screen, with no training required.

With no meeting room PC, IT administration efforts are reduced to a minimum as users simply connect via their own device.

Certified for Microsoft Teams


Certified for Microsoft Teams, the built-in camera, microphone and speaker deliver perfect sound and picture quality in small meeting rooms.

The frictionless BYOM solution instantly launches meetings using Microsoft Teams or other video platforms.


Natural Writing & Windows Ink Support

Using the latest PCAP touch technology and optically bonded glass for reduced parallax, the WD551 provides a superior writing experience whether interacting with your finger or a pen.

In addition, benefit from Windows Ink support with the two active pens included.

The active pens can be stored and charged using the attached pen tray.

Sleek Design & Superb Image Quality

SleekDesignThe WD551 provides sleek, modern aesthetics which complement today’s meeting room environments.

With a flush edge-to-edge design the screen surface is very easy to clean.

The anti-glare glass coating ensures perfect readability with reduced reflection and minimal visibility of fingerprints.

Smart Space Management

SmartSpaceManagementMaximise usage of your meeting spaces and maintain optimal environmental parameters.

Seamlessly integrate into existing facilities management, with built-in IoT room sensors, the Windows Collaboration Displays support smart building strategies. Monitor the meeting space environment for temperature, humidity and ambient light levels to optimise comfort and maximise room usage for improved ROI.

User-friendly Control

UserFriendlyControlThe WD551 is ready when you are! The built-in presence sensor will automatically turn on the display when a person is detected and turn it off when the room is empty.

Smart source switching allows for seamless transition between multiple users.

In addition, all major settings and controls are available using the touchable OSD or physical control buttons at the front of the display making the often-misplaced remote control now obsolete.

Compatible with Barco ClickShare Conference CX-50

BarcoClickshareConferenceSharp/NEC’s Windows Collaboration Display MultiSync® WD551 together with Barco’s ClickShare Conference CX-50 provides users a simple Bring Your Own Meeting (BYOM) solution to instantly start your meetings and enjoy one-click wireless conferencing with either Button or App.

The combination of Sharp/NEC’s WD551 and Barco’s ClickShare Conference CX-50 offers a range of capabilities for more effective collaboration so meeting participants can add comments on slides, blackboarding tool so details can be updated in real time and complete touch-screen control through the ClickShare CX-50 touchback support feature. Simple, seamless, and stress-free.



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